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Personalizing the web to simplify life.

Rearden Commerce is building the world's first-ever personal internet assistant and standardized platform for commerce.

The most personalized, meaningful web experience possible.

A technology-based personal assistant has been the "Holy Grail" quest for decades. Individuals spend hours manually managing scores of disparate user-names, passwords, applications, calendars, contacts, and digital devices. The Information Age has overwhelmed everyone with a dizzying amount of data. And since the data lacks personalization or context, it actually impedes productivity. Many companies have tried to build dedicated networks, intranets, and web-services platforms to solve this problem. But because the technology and infrastructure to support it just didn't exist, they failed.

Fortunately, the timing was right for Rearden Commerce. Founded in 1999, the company was able to harness existing technology infrastructures and leverage web services to develop a unified and personalized experience – the Rearden Personal AssistantTM and associated apps. Our Products provide users with everything they need based on who they are, where they are, and what they're doing. It's life's operating system.

The world's standardized network for commerce.

In parallel, Rearden Commerce has developed the Rearden CommerceTM Platform – a highly flexible network that connects millions of consumers with over 160,000 suppliers including merchants, content providers, and application developers. Billions of transactions occur annually across the platform. But with a plethora of highly intelligent personalization features – all interactions between consumers and suppliers are as meaningful and relevant as possible.

The Rearden Commerce Platform offers tremendous scale and flexibility to mix-and-match existing capabilities, build new applications, and create entirely new marketplaces for millions of existing, transacting consumers. Partners are able to broaden their offerings and reach into new market segments. Plus with the personalization features that the platform provides, companies are empowered to deepen consumer engagement and strengthen brand loyalty. Forward-thinking powerhouses such as American Express, JP Morgan Chase, Orbitz for Business, and Paychex are gaining critical competitive advantage by leveraging the world's standardized platform for commerce. It's a platform of opportunity.

The smartest business solutions available.

The benefits to business are clear. The Rearden CommerceTM Platform and associated products empower organizations of every size and in any industry to easily orchestrate cost controls and employee convenience. Rearden Commerce Solutions strategically package the best user experience via the Rearden Personal Assistant, bundled Applications suites, and an administrative Dashboard to manage it all. Over 6,500 business customers are actively enjoying the rewards of our Solutions

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