Why Choose The Personal Assistant?

A good assistant works on your behalf.

The online and mobile marketplace are a chaotic mess. There are large amounts of applications and suppliers that are not working together, and are not creating a complete & compatible solution fo you. Each website requires a different username, password, payment method, and interactive experience. Individual mobile apps typically only offer a single or few functions.

Enter the Rearden Personal AssistantTM. It's simple new way to get everything you need at a single online resource. Services and information now come to you – based on who you are, where you are, and what you're doing. The Personal Travel Concierge understands your identity and preferences and helps manage your life in a much more relevant, personalized, and integrated fashion.

No more endless searching and comparing hundreds of supplier sites. In short, it tames the chaos of the web and shifts the power to you.

A good assistant knows your identity, location, and situation.

Our product knows who your are. It knows your personal preferences, your likes, dislikes, and the devices you use. It provides a single source for payments and expenses. It remembers your decisions, automates common tasks, and continuously learns how to better assist you.

Our product knows where you are. It only offers content and services contextual to your physical location, ensuring complete relevancy.

Our product knows what you are doing. It adapts to your situation. It collaborates with your calendar and contacts. It dynamically makes adjustments and recommendations based on the conditions around you.

The Personal Travel Concierge combine this information to generate an unprecedented level of knowledge and awareness so it can intelligently support you throughout your daily life.

A good assistant is quick and easy to use.

The software is built from-the-ground-up with functionality and applications to serve virtually all business and personal travel needs. Established best practices have been combined with technology breakthroughs to provide the best user experience.

The user interface is simple, clean, and customizable. It synchronizes with your digital lifestyle and works entirely for you – not the other way around. It's fast, intuitive, and requires absolutely no learning curve. The Personal Travel Concierge hits the ground running, which means you can start using it immediately to simplify your life.

A good assistant is with you wherever you go.

The Personal Travel Concierge is always with you. It recognizes that you interact with goods and services throughout multiple touchpoints – and is therefore endlessly accessible and always working on your behalf. It proactively assists you online, on your mobile device, through email, text messaging, phone notifications, your calendar and address book, inviting and involving your social network, and collecting rewards as you use your credit card.

The Rearden Personal Assistant's ubiquity maximizes its efforts to benefit you wherever you go in life.

See the Personal Assistant in action by visiting our video demonstration page.

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